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Homozygous Polled, A2A2 Beta Casein, BB Kappa Casein, aAa 453



Alvin is a bull that has been a pleasant surprise. We saved him for use on heifers as an outcross mating and were thrilled to see that all of his offspring were polled. Genetic testing proved him to be not only homozygous polled, but also A2A2 Beta Casein and BB Kappa Casein. His aAa code is one that will add strength to a mating, as is evidenced by his short, wide head and very wide muzzle. Our oldest Alvin daughters will be 2 in the spring of 2019, and we are looking forward to seeing how they produce in the future. Alvin is still in use at Holt Creek Jerseys and will leave his mark by genetically removing the horns from all of his offspring.

  • Strength to add substance to narrow, weak cows
  • Homozygous Polled (PP)—will throw a polled calf EVERY TIME.
  • A2A2 Beta Casein and BB Beta Casein for improved milk quality traits.
  • Outcross pedigree that works well on Landy bloodlines and will produce hybrid vigor within the Jersey breed.